Daisy Mae's - Title The Daisy Mae Model Steak House - Title
"Serving the Finest Mesquite Steaks in Arizona!"
Locations Hours of Operation
2735 W. Anklam Rd.
(520) 792-8888
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332 N. Garden Ave.
Sierra Vista
(520) 452-8099
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Monday - Saturday
Bar: 3pm
Dinner: 4pm-10pm
Bar: 3pm
Dinner: 4pm-9pm
Daisy Mae's Stronghold
Daisy Mae's Stronghold building is one of the, if not the, oldest building in Southern Arizona. She started out as a trading post in the very early 1870's, then became a U.S. Post Office, then a general store before being a stop on the stagecoach line. In the late 1800's it became a brothel for the soldiers of Fort Huachuca. There are still bedrooms there and the infamous "Charlie's Room", also known as the ghost room. Charlie was a patron during the brothel days and was murdered in a knife fight over one of the ladies. His ghost has been present at the building ever since, as numerous sightings and incidents have taken place.

Daisy Mae's building has been a series of restaurants for the last 60 years or so with the most famous being the G&M Stronghold until Daisy Mae's came along in May of 1993.

Daisy Mae's has won several awards since the original Daisy Mae's was established in Tucson in September of 1990. For two consecutive years it was selected one of the top 25 steakhouses in America by the American Academy of Restaurants and Steakhouse of the Year by the "Consumer Business Review" in March 1998.